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Why is the CATCH THE CHEATER Infidelity Investigation Agency the best choice for testing your partner's infidelity?

Our Infidelity Test Agency works and investigates while undercover - just like detectives do! A decisive advantage here is that our agency is many times cheaper than a detective agency. Detectives charge for their services on an hourly basis at massively high rates, while CATCH THE CHEATER charges a so-called "fixed price fee"; that is, you pay a one-time fee for our service without any follow-up costs. In addition, the work of a detective usually takes much longer than that of our agency, which is why the result of the Infidelity test is available to us much more quickly.

Thus, you don't have to worry for weeks about how loyal your partner really is - because we'll give you the answer within a few days! Our agency will gladly take on your case with a tremendous level of commitment - always proceeding in a highly systematic and professional manner.

how do I catch my cheating boyfriend

What are the good and justified reasons for a infidelity test?

Many people in a partnership often ask themselves the question of whether their partner is faithful. Maybe you have even been cheated on by your partner before, which - logically - destroyed your trust in them completely. Or perhaps you have been lied to and cheated on in an earlier relationship, which is why you now, quite understandably, suffer from extreme trust problems. Before your inner insecurity and fear completely overwhelms you, you should test your partner's loyalty. A “love test” can provide you with the certainty of whether or not your partner is a faithful soul - or just a fraudster and a cheater.

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