Cheating Information

Do you feel that your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you? If you get that feeling, you should dig a little deeper.

how do I catch a cheater
When does unfaithfulness begin?

Unfortunately, sexual infidelity occurs very often in a relationship. Statistically speaking, about 40% of men and 25% of women have been unfaithful at least once in a relationship. However, many flings remain secret and never come to light. According to one survey, women have had an average of 2.1 flings and men about 3.6 flings in their lifetimes.

These are the top 5 indications of unfaithfulness that you should be aware of:
1. Change in cell phone use
2. Sudden more elaborate body care and new fragrance
3. Increased desire to argue
4. Change in sexual conduct - no more desire or just the opposite (excessive sexual drive)
5. Increased absence of your partner

how can I catch my cheating boyfriend?
Where does a fling start?

Now the question is, where does an affair actually start? With every second person, cheating already starts with kissing. Women in particular hold this opinion and see this as a betrayal of the relationship. Many women also state that just the thought of another woman is a type of cheating. Men have a completely different opinion in this respect, because 43% of them see only a completed sexual act as cheating.

how do I catch my cheating husband
Why do men cheat?

Men are primarily unfaithful because they don't get enough sex or are simply completely dissatisfied with how things go in bed. Men fall out of equilibrium very quickly, and then meet other women. Other reasons are boredom, loneliness and the fear of sexual failure.

how do I catch my unfaithful husband
Why do women cheat?

Women cheat on their husbands when they receive too little or no attention, appreciation or recognition. It is very important for women to be listened to. If this no longer happens, sooner or later they look for another "listener."

how do I catch my unfaithful boyfriend
Why do so many flings go unnoticed?

Although there is a lot of evidence that your partner is not loyal, very few flings and affairs come to light. But why is this? Since people change and develop over and over again in the course of life and therefore go through different phases in life, many people consider the change of their partner to be normal. Thus, changes in character do not seem to be a cause for concern at first. Yet, if you study the pattern of behavior carefully, you will notice that something is not right. For example, if someone suddenly goes to the gym four times a week without first expressing this wish or need to his or her partner. The main thing here is - listen to your gut feeling! Most of the time, you can tell if something is wrong.

how do I catch cheater
Can a fling be forgiven?

According to a survey, 46% of women forgive a fling of their partner if he shows genuine remorse. Men, on the other hand, forgive their partner 55% of the time as long as it was a one-off affair. However, one in three respondents would separate from their partner because trust was destroyed by the fling. However, if the fling is denied, in most cases the relationship can no longer be saved, as this usually makes reconciliation impossible. In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves how well they can live or deal with their partner's fling.

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